ICL Intraocular Lenses

Implantable Collamer lenses (ICLs) are the ideal high-tech solution for those people who need to correct high degrees of nearsightedness, astigmatism and hyperopia or those who have a thin cornea.

What are ICLs

ICLs are made of a special material known as Collamer. They offer superior visual quality and are tailored to the needs of each individual patient.
That is why, despite being originally meant for higher degrees of correction, they are being used more and more to correct even lower degrees of nearsightedness.
On average, laser refractive surgery can correct up to 9-10 diopters of myopia or up to 4-5 diopters of hyperopia.
For higher degrees of myopia or hyperopia or when laser surgery is not a viable option due to the patient’s specific corneal curvature or hysteresis, ICLs are the preferred solution. They are inserted behind the patient’s iris so they go completely unnoticed. This procedure offers very fast visual recovery, normally within 24 hours.

Who is a Good Candidate for ICLs?

ICLs are the best alternative for those patients for whom laser correction is not an option. They provide even better visual quality than eyeglasses or contact lenses.
ICLs can correct up to 18 diopters of myopia, even when the latter is associated to astigmatism. For higher degrees of correction, the residual visual problem may be easily corrected with laser surgery.
ICL lenses are inserted through a small surgical incision into the patient’s eye with no sutures. A topical anesthetic (anesthetic eye drops) is used for the surgery, which lasts only a few minutes. The patient is discharged without eye patches and visual recovery is very fast.

Le fasi della tecnica ICL – Lenti intraoculari

Step 1 Preliminary treatment

Prior to placing the patient under the electron microscope, a few anesthetic eye drops are administered to disinfect the eye area. Now the patient can be positioned under the excimer laser.

Step 2 A keyhole incision

A 2.5-mm keyhole incision is made in the cornea to allow the injector to enter it with a folded lens.

Step 3 Inserting the corneal lens

Using an injector, a 6-mm-diameter folded intraocular lens (IOL) is inserted through the keyhole incision into the eye, where it will then unfold into position.

Step 4 Sealing the incision

The keyhole incision is self-sealing. No stitches are required.

The Benefits of Implantable Contact Lenses

This type of implant is reversible, meaning that ICLs may be removed or even replaced in case of myopic progression, as is often the case in degrees of nearsightedness over 10 diopters.
Get rid of your glasses or contact lenses and say welcome back to your eyes!

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