Dr. Angelo Appiotti, with over 30 years of experience and more than 40,000 eyes treated, is the most trustworthy, reliable and encouraging solution for treating your vision problems through customised surgical and laser techniques. He works at the following prestigious eye clinics: Vista Vision (Milan and Verona) and Villa Richeldi (Modena).

What is hyperopia and how can it be corrected

Hyperopia is a vision problem (ametropia or refractive error) that occurs when the light entering the eye focuses behind the retina. Typically, this is because the eyeball is shorter than normal (axial hyperopia).
Hyperopia is often asymptomatic, especially at a young age when eyes find it easier to bring images into focus through accommodation. However, this only occurs in the case of mild to moderate hyperopia and diminishes with age. Many people who do not seem to suffer from any vision problems (emmetropic) actually have mild hyperopia.

People with hyperopia have blurred near vision but their distance vision remains clear.

This vision problem is measured in dioptres.
Hyperopia can be divided into low (up to 2 dioptres), moderate (up to 4 dioptres) and high (> 4 dioptres).

This vision problem affects 4.5% of population, 5 million people in Italy.

Possible treatments

Hyperopia can be treated in traditional ways with visual solutions such as glasses or contact lenses. Glasses are the most common and easiest method, even though their lenses are often thick and make the eyes look bigger (which is not so aesthetically pleasing).
Contact lenses have disadvantages too, as they require more maintenance than glasses and cannot be used for a prolonged time without incurring the risk of developing allergies or infections.

Refractive surgery is currently the most reliable and effective answer to treat hyperopia.

As a matter of fact, by modifying the curvature of the cornea it also changes its refractive power (magnification power), thus allowing light rays to be focused directly on the retina to create a clear image.

Dr. Appiotti, with over 30 years of experience and more than 40,000 eyes treated, is the most trustworthy, reliable and encouraging solution for treating your hyperopia through customised surgical and laser techniques.
The most appropriate laser technique must be chosen after carefully analysing the eyes and taking into account the professional or personal goals of each patient, so as to provide a tailor-made service.

Laser and other eye surgery techniques for the treatment of hyperopia


2nd-generation laser technique
recommended for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism


1st-generation laser technique
recommended for myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia

Refractive lens exchange

Surgical technique for severe myopia and hyperopia
(Intraocular lens – IOL)

Athletes who underwent hyperopia correction surgery

Many famous professional athletes, competing on both a national and international level, have chosen the professionalism and thirty-year experience of Dr. Appiotti to treat their hyperopia.

Eye clinics

Dr. Appiotti visits patients and performs refractive surgery operations in selected eye clinics in Milan, Verona, and Modena, which are renowned for their state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and laser technologies.

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