Dr Appiotti

With over 30 years of experience and more than 40,000 eyes treated, Dr. Angelo Appiotti offers safe and reliable solutions for your vision problems through tailor-made surgical and laser procedures. He performs eye visits at the following prestigious eye clinics: Vista Vision (Milan and Verona) and Villa Richeldi (Modena).

This is my story

I have always known I wanted to become a surgeon. As a teenage boy, with the basketball tucked under my arm, I would sneak in the premises of a renowned clinic in Rome and gaze through the open windows at the hive of activity in the wards, enraptured by the smell of disinfectants and the sight of surgical uniforms. Eyesight is one of the most important and complex of our senses. I was first intrigued by it during my medical studies. Later, when I had to choose my specialty, corneal refractive surgery turned out to be the natural choice. Indeed, I aspired to provide a solution to the many vision problems that affect quality of life and hinder job or sports performance.

In my thirty year-long career, passion, research and a constant striving for excellence have guided me in the study and mastery of cutting-edge laser eye surgery procedures (Lasik through FemtoLASIK to ReLEx SMILE). I have had the chance to treat vision problems deemed inoperable by fellow surgeons. Finally, I have developed new techniques and gained relevant experience in management of postoperative complications.

My love for sports – I am a former professional basketball player – and the importance of visual acuity for athletes, including its psychological implications, convinced me to develop refractive surgery tailored to the needs of sports professionals. My treatment protocols enable patients to achieve better than 20/20 vision and even up to 20/10 vision, with a resulting overall improvement of their visual acuity.

Countless international athletes in different sports have entrusted me with their vision correction needs. Their main concern was eliminating glasses and contact lenses as they hinder performance and put safety at risk. Similarly, thousands of other patients have relied on me to live their life to the fullest again. In my career as a refractive surgeon, I have performed surgery on over 40,000 eyes.

Passion for my job and concern for the suffering of others were behind my decision to volunteer as an ophthalmologist in humanitarian missions in Africa and Asia, where I personally opened and set up eye care centers and surgical theaters.

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Dr. Appiotti performs laser eye surgery in state-of-the-art eye clinics such as Vista Vision in Milan or Verona. To make an appointment and determine whether you are a good candidate for the laser treatment available for your vision problem, please contact us by email or phone

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