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Laser vision surgery eliminates any vision problem and gives you superhero-like vision

  • Laser vision surgery eliminates any vision problem and gives you superhero-like vision
  • In the collective imagination, supernatural vision allows you to see through walls, shoot lasers from your eyes or see great distances. That being said, what laser surgery can do is improve your visual acuity, giving you superhero-like vision.
    Here is why I think that laser surgery could revolutionise your vision – and your life:
  • Instant improvement of one’s visual acuity
  • Less than 15 minutes after getting on the operating table the vast majority of my patients experienced a significant improvement of their visual acuity. According to research, in Italy 95% of patients with a refractive error undergoing laser eye surgery (PRK, Femto, ReLEX) can achieve from 10/10 up to 20/10 final visual acuity. Looking at these data from a broader perspective, bear in mind that 5/10 is the minimum visual acuity required to obtain a driving licence and 10/10 is the minimum visual acuity required to become an aircraft pilot.
    However, the final result always depends on the patient’s refractive error.
  • Decreased risk of developing infections or other eye diseases
  • You may not know that, but laser eye surgery also considerably reduces the risk of eye infections, as no contact lenses are needed after the operation.
    Using contact lenses increases the risk of developing many unwanted medical conditions such as infections, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, corneal abrasion and eye irritation. These conditions can easily become serious health issues and may lead to blindness, which is why contact lenses must be used properly and carefully. In a way, we could say that there are more risks associated with contact lenses than with laser eye surgery.
  • Enhanced sports performance and better social life
  • Tiger Woods is the perfect example of the benefits of laser eye surgery in sports, but if you dig a little deeper, you will soon realise that laser eye surgery has helped famous professional and amateur athletes alike.
    In addition to improving accuracy and precision in sports requiring high hand-eye coordination, laser eye surgery will also allow you to engage in activities that seemed to be beyond your reach.
    You may finally try your hand at skiing, diving and other water sports without worrying that you may lose a contact or break your glasses. You will break free from such worries and discover a world of endless possibilities: you may try new sports, explore new places and improve every aspect of your life.