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Lasik “SMILE”: the future of myopia and myopic astigmatism treatment is here

When it comes to treating myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia, there have been incredible technological and scientific advancements in laser eye surgery over the last thirty years.
Until now, the main alternatives have been PRK and Lasik, while Femtolaser technology has appeared only in the last few years.
PRK: ablation of the corneal surface by means of an excimer laser, recommended for medium to serious myopia and astigmatism.
Lasik: creation of a corneal flap, recommended for mild to medium myopia, astigmatism and medium to high hyperopia.
Lasik Femtolaser: a Femtosecond Laser creates a corneal flap through which an excimer laser can reach and treat the affected area.
Today, the latest technological evolution is “Lasik Smile”, which allows surgeons to perform a flapless surgery.